I hope many are familiar with the word ‘sapiosexual’ already. It means aroused or attracted by intelligence in others. Well, since I have a great interest in words, I decided to search for a word that had a definition I had in mind: the characteristic of being aroused or attracted by/to creativity in others.

I was unable to find one.
So, I made one: ecfiosexual. (pronunciation: 3k-fee-oh-sexual).
There’s no point in explaining the second part of the word. But the first part: ecfio. it’s a Latin word which means ‘bear’ or ‘bring about’ or ‘construct’ or ‘make’ or ‘create’ etc. You get the picture. So, loosely, the word ecfiosexual literally means creative-sexual. Um. Yeah.
So I’ve created another word to describe me. I’m attracted to creative people. I fall in love with them by heart. I’m ecfiosexual.
-Akotowaa =)

10 thoughts on “Ecfiosexual

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