The Reading Diet

There are books about really deep stuff, books that are profound, books that have winding plots and countless relevant characters. And then there are books you can breeze through, books that are shallow enough to digest easily, without too much pain and effort, with light storylines that entertain you – like most kinds of teen fiction.  I don’t think any are less important than the others, and I don’t think judging by this criteria, writers are more relevant than others.

Reading is like a diet. Sometimes, you want heavy food – some fufu and abenkwan that will knock you out for two hours afterwards. Sometimes too, all you want is some nice pizza and ice cream. Or maybe even just popcorn. The writers of books are the chefs who prepare our meals.
Readers have cravings, and different writers satisfy our different tastes. Let’s not undervalue our snacks, desserts and light food. Let’s not undervalue our entertainment writers.

2 thoughts on “The Reading Diet

  1. Fist bump for this post! I mean…sometimes I want some solid Jane Austen or Shakespeare and other times, I crave Twilight and some light chick lit. I really should just read more… and eat better *chomps on fry*

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