Breeding the International Black African

They will encourage you to be internationally-minded
As long as international means internal nation,
Because, apparently, the world is too big for our eyes.
We are not allowed to be more than we are –
As we were born,
Or else we’ll be looked at with scorn
And mercilessly devoured,
Like Oreos;
They have to compress us so that the white won’t show.
They will encourage imagination
And tell us to imagine nations…
No. Imagine a nation.
Because the only nation we can imagine is ours,
But actually, stop. Don’t imagine.
Imagination is so unrealistic.
Everything you need can be gleaned with observance,
So just…write what you see.
But don’t bother seeing anything foreign,
Even if it’s there, because they close their eyes,
And naturally, we should too.
And once you have effectively cultivated your selective perception and long-range enduring myopia,
Reproduce and train your child in the same way,
Because there is no way on earth we can improve
Without exposing ourselves internationally.
So, Black African,
From the sub-Saharan,
Conserve, reserve, limit and restrict,
So we may grow in our stagnant cesspit.