As a writer, You never run out of things to say; It’s just that sometimes, You’re too tired to say them, Because you’re consumed by the mayhem Of life, compulsories and inconsequentials; I forgot the quintessentials That are supposed to give me meaning And now I’m leaning Towards extended sadness And loss of self-worth; Is […]

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The World Is Big

The world is big. Incomprehensibly so. It seems barely manageable when you look at it from your community, your immediate surroundings. But there are so many levels of impracticality in that, that there’s no point actually trying to go through them all. I sit in my chair, curled up into a ball, trying to make […]

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It’s a story that has been told over and again: A child holding in a mental scream With a smile on her face, Because the outside is too tired to display accurate reflection. Thoughts branching, like an unruly tree, Somehow, no matter how far away the branches get, Their root remains the same. Head is […]

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Her: Oh my God, he’s cute. Especially when he smiles. And his hugs are magic. He’s cuddly, but, like, hugging a muscly, well-toned panda bear. I wonder if he likes me as much as I like him. Oh my goodness. What if I’m not good enough? What if he gets bored of me? Maybe I […]

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Pick up your pen and write. Write like no-one will ever read a word. Write the emotional truth and fiction you’ve always been too scared to admit to yourself. Write the kind of things you know you don’t have the courage to tell anyone else. Write it, even if you never intend to tell anyone […]

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Yo yo, yo, guys! My class’s official major fundraising event for CAS takes place tomorrow. And despite the major obstacles that we have faced and are facing, I hope we manage to raise enough money to accomplish what we want: improving the school in Aklamador which I blogged about earlier. -Akotowaa

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