In Too Deep

It was too hot. Then it was too cold. And now, it was just numb.

It was too bright. Then it was too dark. But now, it was just right.

“What’s wrong, Alicia?”


“What’s the matter, Alicia?”

“It’s too long to explain.”

“Are you okay, Alicia?”

A serene smile.

She stood erect at the top of the cliff, looking straight ahead of her, while the wind buffeted her hair. The faint moonlight illuminated the ripples and waves of the water several feet below.

The land was too insufferable, she thought. She used to be tired – of asking questions that couldn’t be answered. She had been tired of being tired. But now, she was perfectly fine. Tranquil. Brave. This…this was ataraxia. It was enlightenment, and she was at point zero. Void.




She stretched her arms forward and shifted her weight delicately to the balls of her feet. She rocked. She leaped.

It was the most peaceful plunge that man had ever witnessed. Streamlined as she was, the impact barely made a sound. She went in like a sharp-edged dagger. The momentum she had gained took her lower and still lower.

She sank for too long before the panic returned, and she realised that she was in too deep. But this time…this time, it was too late.


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