MOVIE SYNOPSIS: The Origins of Okomfo Anokye.


Okomfo Finished bThe high noon sun burns a distinct red this day…. Clad in his war paint with  priestly  scars of the highest order etched into his skin,  Okomfo Anokye, high priest of the Ashanti people stands beside his King Osei Tutu as they calmly watch the approach of the massive Denkyira Army.

The war has spanned 3 years. The great Ashanti people, despite their bravery  and inextinguishable desire to resist the enemy have been pushed back behind their city’s walls. Here they await the numerically superior Denkyira who are confident in their own victory and march with an unforgiving  desire to conquer their most resilient and stubborn foes so far. However, where most would surrender, the Ashanti defy. Where most would run, they stand and embrace death. The silence which fills the city is not as a result of fear, but from a unified focus on the task at hand and…

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