Don’t Talk Like That

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What if when I shut my eyes In submission to the place of rest I never suffice? When you mourn Will it be you performing at your best Or proof that you’re really torn? “Don’t Talk Like That” What if someday after I have found a lover Who plays…

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Real-Time Rant

I wrote this today, sometime after physics. I can’t remember exactly when because the whole day has just been a bad-to-worse-to-worst muddle of sadness and hopelessness. I almost decided not to post it. But then I decided, damnit, life is too short anyway. Let me be disagreeable in peace. *** I am not giving myself […]

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Another F

And again, we are faced with the letter, unwritten, but obviously not imaginary. We are Being told repeatedly that we are not as good as we think we are, and the Cause is not apparent. We put the blame on ourselves, because we fear we are Doing something wrong, because things just happen to repeatedly […]

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These Four Walls

These four walls do not converge physically. The problem is mental, And the convergence is entirely a product of my imagination. I see them stationary, But I feel them moving, Closing in on me and my sanity, Crushing my spirit in the process. The problem may be that the walls are only four, and I […]

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It Is Not Poetry

If it were as easy as Writing full sentences – badly punctuated, inaccurately structured sentences – and splitting them into different lines before we reach a full stop; If it were as easy as Writing love poetry when you think you’re in love, And losing respect for the craft When the crush blows over; If […]

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