Don’t Talk Like That

What if when I shut my eyes

In submission to the place of rest

I never suffice?

When you mourn

Will it be you performing at your best

Or proof that you’re really torn?

“Don’t Talk Like That”

What if someday after I have found a lover

Who plays guitar and eats quiche

I walk in on him with another?

When I blink

Will the evidence of them vanish?

Or linger on in my memory in indelible ink?

Don’t Talk Like That

What happens if one day when I own fleets and suites

I make very wrong decisions

And go from Wall Street to Queer Street?

Will I still have your respect

Still feature in your conversations

Or just suffer your neglect?

Don’t Talk Like That

Every time I sit with my “ifs” to contemplate

Your voice rises above the din

Chanting the anthem I’ve grown to hate:

“Don’t Talk…

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