Don’t Tell Me What To Write!

Today, [author's note: I wrote this on Sunday] someone told me what to write. My response to that is writing about people who try to tell me what to write. I think many people (writers) can relate to this whole problem of being told what to write, whether in the form of "suggestions" (deliberately in quotes),… Continue reading Don’t Tell Me What To Write!

Hello, Robots. Welcome to The Machine

I understand why some choose to refer to the modern world as The Machine. Sometimes, it looks like a simple to complex device, which has predictable processes, inputs, outputs and storage. Things grow. Things perform the functions of living creatures. Things die. More things grow. The processes repeat. But humans, obviously, are not the same… Continue reading Hello, Robots. Welcome to The Machine

Why Shafak Is The New Bae: The 40 Rules of Love

Who is Shafak, you ask? Well, Elif Shafak is the Turkish (and apparently feminist) author of an amazing book that you should go and download right now, called The Forty Rules of Love. Alright, you radicals, don’t start running away because I said feminist. It’s not any throw-it-in-your-face empowerment campaign. Interestingly enough, there are only… Continue reading Why Shafak Is The New Bae: The 40 Rules of Love