Don’t Tell Me What To Write!

Today, [author’s note: I wrote this on Sunday] someone told me what to write. My response to that is writing about people who try to tell me what to write. I think many people (writers) can relate to this whole problem of being told what to write, whether in the form of “suggestions” (deliberately in quotes), […]

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Hello, Robots. Welcome to The Machine

I understand why some choose to refer to the modern world as The Machine. Sometimes, it looks like a simple to complex device, which has predictable processes, inputs, outputs and storage. Things grow. Things perform the functions of living creatures. Things die. More things grow. The processes repeat. But humans, obviously, are not the same […]

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The Visible Dynamics

You know why it’s so easy to tell what kind of relationship exists between two people (unless they’re really good actors)? It’s because of the visible dynamics between them. Nearly everyone realises it. Sometimes, they just don’t know that they know. The explanation for these dynamics begins with the concept of personal space. There’s an […]

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The Author

You feel that buzz of energy that stems from your mind and spreads to your body – all parts of it; the organs and the extremities. You feel charged, like a device that’s been plugged in all night; too full, but none the worse for it. You take pleasure in the stimulating shock you experience […]

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Comfort as Yourself

Sometimes, it takes years to learn how to be comfortable in your own skin – for you to realise that your skin’s texture is not based on the presence of other people; that it is in fact dependent on none other than your own mind. Solitude is an art, improperly cultivated in a world that […]

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