Comfort as Yourself

Sometimes, it takes years to learn how to be comfortable in your own skin – for you to realise that your skin’s texture is not based on the presence of other people; that it is in fact dependent on none other than your own mind. Solitude is an art, improperly cultivated in a world that is increasingly extroverted.

It is dangerous to be unable to realise that your character is not defined by the people around you; it is innate, and one does not require others to be oneself. Solitude teaches you that because you are always alone, you are never alone. You are the person you innately are, whether you are with friends or strangers, because your life forces are not attached. Solitude teaches you that you can be comfortable in the presence of anyone.

Sometimes, comfort in your own skin is when you are not filled with a mild sense of pain when you walk into a room and all your friends are sitting at a full table with the only vacancies being beside people that you don’t normally talk to. Sometimes, comfort in your own skin means being okay with walking alone. At other times, it means not freaking out just because you believe that people don’t like you; it is being okay with liking yourself.

And sometimes, being comfortable in your skin means realising you are “alone” because other people don’t know how to be.


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