You are… An empty room that echoes The voices of sages and sinners And I hear The words Come out Of you; And wonder if they are your own. You are full Of teachings Of wisest and worst And can’t Tell them Apart. My words leak out, Back to me; You don’t wonder if they […]

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Writing Long Stories

I consider myself a cathartic writer. I write spontaneously, in the moment, start and finish things on the spot, in the moment. I haven’t always done that. When I was younger – I’m talking five to seven years ago – I used to write long stories like novellas or novels. I was able to remain […]

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An Unsent Letter to a Hero

[Author’s note: I suspect people are going to try to kill me if I don’t make it clear that this post is written from the POV of a fictional persona. (Whispers on the side “But isn’t fiction really the best way to hide behind the revelation of what the author himself thinks?” *evil laugh*)  To […]

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And That’s Why You Ain’t God

People are confused. Some of them have strange god-complexes, and they ain’t even know it! As a Christian, I am speaking from this perspective, not to preach, but to point something out. I’ll start from Jeremiah 29:11. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declared the LORD, “Plans to prosper you and not […]

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It’s Past(a) Your Dinnertime

I’m becoming good with coming up with titles these days. LOL. This story is a few months old. (I just haven’t told it yet.) It’s also about my little brother. I sigh because the interesting things always happen when I’m not at home. But here we go. William Delali Ofori Jnr was a boy with […]

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