Random Niceness. People, I love you!

More than two weeks ago, a couple of super-cool things happened to me. I’m going to recount because of the love and gratitude I feel for these people.

I don’t like humans. Humans are unnecessarily evil. But, in fact, everything has its good and bad, and really, some people make me want to restore my faith in humanity.

So, a long time ago, I blogged about how much I enjoy traditional writing and that somewhere in my dreams, I would have a typewriter. On a totally unrelated not, I had naturally made a friend online, whose name is Abena Yirenkyiwa Awuku (ayawuku.wordpress.com). IN fact, she’s the one who nominated me for a couple of Ghana Blogging Awards (none of which I won, but I seriously don’t even mind). So, Abena read this blog post of mine, and next thing I know, she’s DM-ing me on Twitter, asking me when is my birthday, and what’s my postal address…and then a few months later, to tell me that my typewriter has arrived.


Think about the amazingness of it all.

Someone I had never met, and knew nowhere but online, got up and bought me my dream birthday present, at no cost to me, and brought it to Ghana with her for me. No, seriously, think about that. What on earth are the chances of that happening?

You can’t even think how excited I was about it all! Yeah, yeah, it’s “just a typewriter” right? An archaic and outdated machine that your fricking MacBook air has already replaced; what’s the big deal? LOL. I’m not even going to try to make anyone understand the novelty of owning this splendid machine in the 21st Century. (At least not now.) But even if you don’t care about the typewriter, goodness, think of the thought that went into it!

I love you, Abena!


wpid-20150723_194330.jpgSo, on one fine Tuesday, I got my mother to drop me off at Osu, where I met this wonderful person who is some unfathomable kind of generous. It was so much fun. WE had conversation about subject matter that I don’t usually get the opportunities to have with the usual people around me, and it was nice to have someone to relate to. 🙂

Fun times, yo! =D
Fun times, yo! =D

So, of course, Abena Yirenkyiwa made my day…and my belated birthday. And probably a lot of future birthdays too. Also, she introduced me to a cool, literature-savvy guy (shout out to @readjerome – at least when he’s not trying to intentionally sell his dreams. LOL.)


The very next day, I happen o have taken an impromptu trip to my best friend, Simeon’s house. I had a fun time hanging out with him and his five-year-old, adorable (dictatress) sister. insert heart-eyes here It was the first time I had physically met and interacted with her, which was super cool. Within minutes of meeting me, she held my hand and asked me, “Can I be your friend?” and I said of course, of course! A few hours later, I was hearing her say to me, “It is very wonderful how we have just became friends.” (Oh forgive the grammatical error, you Nazis, she’s five!)

She my new bae tho’.
Y’all ain’t even know, Yeava is a budding actress. :’D
Simeon…being Simeon.

That wasn’t even the highlight though. Sometime that afternoon, Simeon’s stepmum called him up to her room, and he came back down holding a parcel for me. Turned out that she’d been saving an assortment of mostly perfumes for me for a while. Let that sink in. SHE WAS SAVING PERFUME FOR ME.


Of course, I’ve already started hearing the “You’re already part of the family” jokes. This ain’t even the best story, though! :’D

But yay for nice people! You rock hard, and I ❤ ❤ ❤ you!


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