Goldfish Go Figure

Zara’s mind was off the lesson about as often as it was on it. The teacher’s voice faded in and out of intelligibility. That didn’t make for a very effective understanding of the topic being taught. Somewhere in the midst of staring out the window and wondering if there were unicorns in Australia, she decided… Continue reading Goldfish Go Figure

A Letter to the Younger Self of my Best Friend

Amour, It is 2050, and I am 32. I am writing you this letter while sitting underneath a mango tree in the Volta Region. There isn’t really anything particularly spectacular about what I am doing, but in 2014, I never would have envisioned myself doing it. I never would have envisioned any event in 2030… Continue reading A Letter to the Younger Self of my Best Friend

7 Random thoughts

I love this. Makes me want to write a response.


Be extraordinary.

Anticipate that life will hurt. It never hurts as much as you imagine, so you’ll always be ok when it happens.

Laugh. Something out there is funny, so laugh.

Pray to God, He actually listens.

It’s okay to change. The cool kids call it growing. Don’t feel bad.

Rain has a tendency to inspire depth in thinking. Use rainy days well.

Above all, read other people’s random thoughts. They may inspire you or just waste your afternoon. It’s a great lesson either way. :):)

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