Goldfish Go Figure

Zara’s mind was off the lesson about as often as it was on it. The teacher’s voice faded in and out of intelligibility. That didn’t make for a very effective understanding of the topic being taught. Somewhere in the midst of staring out the window and wondering if there were unicorns in Australia, she decided […]

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I Remember Her Then

I’ve been watching. I’ve been watching for a long while now, so I remember. I remember the light in her eyes when she was a kid – when everything fascinated her and she asked questions whose explanations were things her young, underdeveloped brain would take years more to learn to understand. And even so, she […]

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7 Random thoughts

Originally posted on Tweneboah:
Be extraordinary. Anticipate that life will hurt. It never hurts as much as you imagine, so you’ll always be ok when it happens. Laugh. Something out there is funny, so laugh. Pray to God, He actually listens. It’s okay to? change. The cool kids call it growing. Don’t feel bad. Rain…

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