Frustration Imposition

Umm…I wrote this quite a few weeks ago. Er, yeah: Frustration Imposition Ladies and gentlemen, from the person who brought you Lexivism, Ecfiosexuality and Universal Syntax, comes the all-new, earth-shattering concept of…Frustration Imposition! Honestly, you all should be used to me coining my own terms by now. Anyway… Do you know that by imposing your […]

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My Break From Writing Non-Fiction

Recently, I’ve sort of been on a break from writing things that aren’t either spoken word poems (which usually describe hypothetical situations, when I write them) or fictional stories. I’ve been having a lot of fun with the latter. But, at this moment, they haven’t been released yet. This break is kind of odd for […]

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A Madman’s Nightmare

Originally posted on Thoughts||Words||Actions:
Silent beauty pervades his unconsciousness Gradually taking over… There he stands In a field of healing Unaware of how wounded he is. He savours the breeze Blowing with a calmly fierceness Filling his lungs with the cold fire Set ablaze by the side effects Of the drugs they gave him.…

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