Frustration Imposition

Umm...I wrote this quite a few weeks ago. Er, yeah: Frustration Imposition Ladies and gentlemen, from the person who brought you Lexivism, Ecfiosexuality and Universal Syntax, comes the all-new, earth-shattering concept of…Frustration Imposition! Honestly, you all should be used to me coining my own terms by now. Anyway… Do you know that by imposing your… Continue reading Frustration Imposition

My Break From Writing Non-Fiction

Recently, I’ve sort of been on a break from writing things that aren’t either spoken word poems (which usually describe hypothetical situations, when I write them) or fictional stories. I’ve been having a lot of fun with the latter. But, at this moment, they haven’t been released yet. This break is kind of odd for… Continue reading My Break From Writing Non-Fiction

A Madman’s Nightmare

You don’t know how much I love this.


Silent beauty pervades his unconsciousness
Gradually taking over…

There he stands
In a field of healing
Unaware of how wounded he is.

He savours the breeze
Blowing with a calmly fierceness
Filling his lungs with the cold fire
Set ablaze by the side effects
Of the drugs they gave him.

This medication
Is messing up his meditation.
His sanity is
Being compromised.

Because the focus of his mind is
Cajoled into becoming someone
Other than who he is.

As the very thoughts of himself
Are pinned down
And are seductively dragged
Into a jagged abyss
Where he will be shut away
From himself
For a long time.

He realizes that it is almost too late
To do anything…

But suddenly
He awakes!
Panting painfully
As he is  greeted with
A different kind of silence
Which slowly suffuses
Into his consciousness.

He sighs.
Then exhales,
As he whispers
“These bastards!
They are…

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