The Fear of No Audience

Imagine me risking everything I have to achieve my dream, through relentless hard work. After a long period of self-torture, I produce a novel. I get it published and sit back, waiting for the rewards to flow, waiting to receive feedback from my readers. I wait forever; no one’s reading. Let’s put this into a… Continue reading The Fear of No Audience

I’m releasing a story called Puppets on Wednesday.

I feel powerless until I write. And then I feel powerless until you read. I've managed to convince myself that my restless spirit will be satisfied once this story is out, as I managed to convince myself the internal struggle would be alleviated once the story was finished. I just want to upset a lot… Continue reading I’m releasing a story called Puppets on Wednesday.

Creators Suffer For Time

Bits and pieces Of peaceful things Coagulate into wholesome things of beauty, As though the universe decided to pool its forces and say, "Form!" From spontaneous sorcery. Were our eyes suddenly to open, We would see The sweat and toil, The soot that threatened to spoil The white fabric of our favourite fabrications. Creators suffer… Continue reading Creators Suffer For Time

#StateOfMyMind (THE CALL)



I might end up not going straight into why this blog post was made, if I were to start with my own depression story and currently messed up psychological health I might not even finish. So I will save it all for another time. Till then, let’s just jump right into it.

For the past couple of weeks, you would have noticed that a particular twitter trend, #StateOfMyMind, has been popping up on your timelines, with different participants expressing how they feel, sometimes jovial, sometimes really serious, and we had some very insightful and touching blog posts;

State of my mind. ” Innate Outlook ” via @kwakuanansee

#StateOfMyMind via @MsAnarfi

The Importance of the Choice (#StateOfMyMind) via @_Akotowaa

#StateOfMyMind via @sirkaymo

Altogether, you might be wondering what this is all about, and some may have figured out already. But in all situations, this post is to clear…

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The Importance of the Choice (#StateOfMyMind)

I’ve been surviving through depression for a while. I say surviving because it’s hard to truly live when you lose the desire to exist. September and October were particularly difficult months for me. At least once a week, I would wake up in tears, for the simple reason that I wished I had not woken… Continue reading The Importance of the Choice (#StateOfMyMind)