The Fear of No Audience

Imagine me risking everything I have to achieve my dream, through relentless hard work. After a long period of self-torture, I produce a novel. I get it published and sit back, waiting for the rewards to flow, waiting to receive feedback from my readers. I wait forever; no one’s reading. Let’s put this into a […]

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Creators Suffer For Time

Bits and pieces Of peaceful things Coagulate into wholesome things of beauty, As though the universe decided to pool its forces and say, “Form!” From spontaneous sorcery. Were our eyes suddenly to open, We would see The sweat and toil, The soot that threatened to spoil The white fabric of our favourite fabrications. Creators suffer […]

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Last Attempt To Live

My dreams are dead; Killed by the serial murderer called Maturity. He gave me a speech prior to pulling the trigger From the mouths of many of my elders And with each word he utters, one more dream drops off like a dead fly: “You are Too old For folly, Foolish. Real life Is made […]

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It Wasn’t You, Though

I recently had a conversation with a couple of my classmates. A lot of the time, those don’t really go well, because I end up sticking my mouth into conversations I have no right to care about, and state opinions I know these “thinkers” simply cannot ever agree with. The theme of this conversation is […]

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