Carrying Stones

She stared at the unyielding piece of rock and began to beg it to transform itself. She wept tears of acid rain to hopefully speed up the process. She grew frustrated, forgetting that even acid rain could take years to corrode it. But the rock was a frustrating obstacle, barring her way to freedom.

She had pushed until her arms hurt. She had leaned until she had nearly broken her back. She had kicked until her shoes had begun to wear; and now she wept until she was all out of moisture. Nothing gave, at least, not that she could see.

The truly amazing thing was how something so small, which could really be very easily skirted around, could bar hers and so many others’ paths so thoroughly. It was tiny – able to fit within a person’s two hands cupped together. It could pulse like a living thing, but it was so faint, you could barely tell until you paid very, very close attention. In the most paradoxical sense, it was heart-breaking.

These days, for as many rocks that turned soft, there was an equivalent or greater number of soft ones that turned to stone.

It would be nearly the easiest thing in the world to drop it and go, but what would that gain? It would torment her for a long while yet, if truly, somebody had to bear the burdensome weight of this impenetrable object inside his or her chest.

He or she would be lost, and it would be just as much of her fault for not trying hard enough; so now, she wept tears of salt. They were not for the guilt that was her own, but in actuality, out of empathy; for she felt the pain that they could altogether become oblivious to. It was an understatement to say that it was merely sad that any person would suffer so much without even realizing how free they could be.

And yet, in the end, they were all so free that nothing could lift them out of their states but themselves. They were so free that the only reason they were carrying stones in their bodies was because they refused, on their own, to let themselves shed their hardness.


“Give it away now

Let your fingers go

Let Him take it so

You can sing a song of freedom” – @jackiehillperry

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