Last Attempt To Live

My dreams are dead;
Killed by the serial murderer called Maturity.
He gave me a speech prior to pulling the trigger
From the mouths of many of my elders
And with each word he utters,
one more dream drops off like a dead fly:

“You are
Too old
For folly,
Real life
Is made
Of sober things:
Responsibility over things you don’t own.
Work till you’re worn
Practicality; only things that can be explained
Happiness is not the aim.”

Maturity, he clipped my Imagination’s wings
And the dragon I was riding high on started to fall,
And dropped me off at a dangerous place.

And now that I cling
To the edge of childhood
By the tips
Of my fingers,
Catch me, Caulfield!
Caulfield, catch me!
I’m on the brink
Of being turned
Into yet


6 thoughts on “Last Attempt To Live

  1. “Real life
    Is made
    Of sober things:”

    With the above quote I’m moved to think that…well, it’s too true that the world is sometimes too drunk on maturity.

    Great ending.

      1. A lot of the poem is largely based on it. I suggest that you read the book (it’s a pretty short one) and re-read the poem. It will make a lot more sense.

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