I’m releasing a story called Puppets on Wednesday.

I feel powerless until I write.

And then I feel powerless until you read.

I’ve managed to convince myself that my restless spirit will be satisfied once this story is out, as I managed to convince myself the internal struggle would be alleviated once the story was finished.

I just want to upset a lot of people.

So I’m releasing a “novella” called Puppets on Wednesday. I could dramatize the process of writing it but that’s not relevant. It’s over 20 thousand words long, so I’ve turned into a pdf, and I’ll release the link for download on Wednesday.

Puppets cover

When I do, download it and read it, please and thank you. And, if you like, tell me what you think about it. Mail me. Tweet me. Facebook me. I don’t care. I need evidence that someone on this planet gets something from a story that took so much out of me.



6 thoughts on “I’m releasing a story called Puppets on Wednesday.

  1. So I finally got round to reading Puppets though i’d downloaded it a while ago. God bless your soul Woman! I kept on saying ‘you know?!’ as I read. I’m going to get as many people in my circle that doesn’t intersect with yours to read it too.

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