My Thoughts: The Red Tent

It’s been a long time since I wrote about a book. It isn’t that I haven’t been reading. I don’t know. I guess it’s just laziness. Anyway, The Red Tent was about 3 books ago. I’d never heard of it. My favourite English teacher (who has, in fact, never taught me) placed a bunch of […]

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The Curse of Emotions

How shocking that a person like me would dare to call emotion a curse, right? How dare I blaspheme against it, when it is the very thing I feed on? But by now, the multifaceted nature of issues should be clear. Each coin has its two sides. In the same way, this apparent blessing can […]

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The Real World

In the real world, they tell me the exam results will not determine my worth. In the classroom, they tell me the real world cannot utilize me without my exam results. Now I feel Like another printed certificate Like flimsy, perishing paper; a can’t-do-it-with and a can’t-do-it-without. So now I think the real world is […]

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How Do You Tell Her?

There are funny jokes. And then there are expensive jokes. Last night, she made a joke far too expensive to tolerate. Under no circumstances is it acceptable to laughingly tell a (formerly) long-time suicidal person, “Then go and kill yourself.” If emotions alone could kill, they would have taken a knife to her throat and […]

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