Recent developments on the social network, Chirper, have come to this reporting agency’s attention, due to an ongoing campaign, spearheaded by a particular purple drake, a filmmaker who goes by the name of Nati Turner, after the famous renegade drake of the last millennium. Nati Turner had previously released a film called Violet Ducks, which… Continue reading HEADLINE: HASHTAG #VioletDucks FIGHTS PREJUDICE WITH PREJUDICE

My Thoughts: Eat, Pray, Love

Author: Elizabeth Gilbert (also known, and referred to as Liz) The reason I read this book is because I was in the car one time, on my way to a family party, and the radio was on BBC World. It was an episode (is that what you call them when they’re on the radio?) of… Continue reading My Thoughts: Eat, Pray, Love

Teachers Don’t Seem to Realise How Destructive They Can Be

At some point, it really stops being the students’ fault. Note: This is a full-on RANT. It torments me that I keep writing about the same things, but my goodness, I am so tired of talking! If the only thing that will listen to me is paper (and by extension, my own blog), that’s fine… Continue reading Teachers Don’t Seem to Realise How Destructive They Can Be

A Character Sketch I Have No Right to Make

I have a classmate who troubles me. It’s not that he’s annoying, at least particularly to me. He’s a very nice person, a good friend, morally upright, respects his elders, follows the rules, and blows classes like nobody’s business. In fact, he’s on the list of people I need to kill, which is actually quite… Continue reading A Character Sketch I Have No Right to Make

4 Sure-fire Ways to Know That You’re a Wizard/Witch/Bewitched in West Africa

Classically, in many civilizations, people attributed the things they didn’t understand to the gods, or to something supernatural. Thus, a lot of belief systems were born. Where does the sun come from? Oh, it’s actually a god. Thanks, Akhenaten. What are earthquakes? Oh, Titans are fighting, and Poseidon’s mad. My daughter is sick; her temperature… Continue reading 4 Sure-fire Ways to Know That You’re a Wizard/Witch/Bewitched in West Africa

Shattered (A Long Short Story)

This post is dedicated to Simeon Mark Cofie. It's been like 10 months, but I'm sorry about the Rose Quartz. Shattered Joshua Barth was dead. The word on the street was that he had died of starvation – at least, that’s what the doctor’s report said. “Died of starvation” was a bit euphemistic. “Starved himself… Continue reading Shattered (A Long Short Story)