Magnets in the Shards

I My deceitful heart is offering me another chance to break another's heart, but this time, I must reject the deal.   II I am drawn to you by that attractive force that pulls broken souls together - the kind that recognize themselves in each other. III Upon reflection, Your heart is huge, smile is… Continue reading Magnets in the Shards

Your Resignation Is Beautiful.

I am going back to my past to my old notebooks and cancelling out your name without vehemence I find that it does not appear much. You inspired beautiful things but shall now remain anonymous; You inspired generic things and as an artist, I am grateful; There is no waste. You have resigned as my… Continue reading Your Resignation Is Beautiful.

Why Sia’s UNSTOPPABLE is the anthem of my life.

“I’m unstoppable I’m a Porsche with no breaks I’m invincible I win every single game. I’m so powerful Don’t need batteries to play I’m so confident Yeah, I’m unstoppable today.” Listen to Unstoppable: Just look at those lyrics. This song is phenomenal. And the first time I listened to it, two days ago, I was… Continue reading Why Sia’s UNSTOPPABLE is the anthem of my life.