Magnets in the Shards

I My deceitful heart is offering me another chance to break another’s heart, but this time, I must reject the deal.   II I am drawn to you by that attractive force that pulls broken souls together – the kind that recognize themselves in each other. III Upon reflection, Your heart is huge, smile is […]

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Your Resignation Is Beautiful.

I am going back to my past to my old notebooks and cancelling out your name without vehemence I find that it does not appear much. You inspired beautiful things but shall now remain anonymous; You inspired generic things and as an artist, I am grateful; There is no waste. You have resigned as my […]

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Name: staged – just like the rest of you: illustration of the difference between person and persona. Views skewed to attract more views Express to impress to the point of distress; to speak to the point of silence in self-censorship, Scream internally; hit delete and capture that unruly hand sketching things that are bad for […]

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The Sickness Lives Here.

The sickness lives here. I feel it every time I enter what is officially considered the school’s premises. It is not that I am recurrently falling into ill health by chance; it is that the sickness is sitting here, in this bedroom, in these classrooms, waiting for me to show up so it can infuse […]

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Be-In-Charge Syndrome

I’m always complaining about something/someone I know. And this is the second time in a very short period that I am making a character sketch I probably have no right to make. The good news is that I think I’m past caring. There is a particular type of person I am more than tired of: […]

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Depression in Ego II

Author’s note: I would have liked to put a preamble on this story (if you can call a persona’s plot-less thoughts a story) but I could not come up with anything. TITLE: DEPRESSION IN EGO II I sleep and I sleep. And the first thing I think of when I wake up is how much […]

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