Name: staged –
just like the rest of you:
illustration of the difference
between person and persona.
Views skewed
to attract more views
Express to impress
to the point of distress;
to speak to the point of silence
in self-censorship,
Scream internally; hit delete
and capture that unruly hand
sketching things that are bad for brand.
Person…Persona…Personality is product
Label on packaging
for front-row display
Store manager says
Personality fits within a label
with-in one
Dimension – character type; meticulously
print: flat
Paragon of perfect;
The artist who paints with an airbrush,
A man on a screen, as virtual as his tools;
An image
is all you’ll ever be.
Yet, graciously consumable, fashionably late
With a fast-approaching expiration date.

3 thoughts on “BRAND

  1. For the first time, I guess;
    I get the what (as matter of course of title and phrases) but I don’t seem to get the why–what particularly inspired this. What par-ti-cu-lar-ly. The curiosity is…has been drilling a hole in my head.

    Somehow I like that I don’t fully get it. But there’s one thing that comes to mind: authenticity.

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