Magnets in the Shards

My deceitful heart
is offering me another chance
to break another’s heart,
but this time,
I must reject the deal.
I am drawn to you
by that attractive force
that pulls broken souls together –
the kind
that recognize themselves
in each other.
Upon reflection,
Your heart is huge,
smile is open, but rare
and skin susceptible to bruise
and I must cut you off
before I cut you.
If I lay down my love
for you to cross this boundary,
You will see clear blue sky on the floor,
reflected in rippling waters of affection.
You will see running river beneath your feet,
while walking on broken glass.
I must refrain
from staging another scene of Pain
dressed in Love’s costume
so I shall spare you
the tragi-comedy
of delusion – thinking
that you love me.

10 thoughts on “Magnets in the Shards

    1. When you say “preaching”, do you mean
      1. What I say is true, or
      2. Are you referring to my Biblical allusions, or
      3. Are you saying the words of the people who claim to love me are empty?

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