Institutionalized Addicts (A Long Short Story)

Note: I had so much fun writing this story. Special thanks to @OZionn and @Afadjato for giving me constructive advice on its drafts. Institutionalized Addicts Francis Jeyne’s death wasn’t a shock because it was unexpected; it was a shock because it was unwanted. And it wasn’t irritating because it wasn’t preventable; it was irritating because… Continue reading Institutionalized Addicts (A Long Short Story)

Awesome Spoken Wordists Akotowaa Thinks You Should Know

Yo, I don't even know if "spoken wordist" is the legitimate term. Let's roll with it. Most of us who got into it got in by accident anyway. Today is World Poetry Day! And in commemoration of that, I have decided to make a post featuring spoken wordists who make me happy. So, in no… Continue reading Awesome Spoken Wordists Akotowaa Thinks You Should Know


Note: Written for a friendly story-writing competition between @duafe, @Afadjato, @TrueCoaster and myself, with @Poetyk_Prynx as the referee! BLISTERS: A SATYRICAL TRAGEDY I’m kind of famous. Some may even say legendary. But anyone who has ever been called the Greatest of All Time before has probably gone through some major hell. I am no exception.… Continue reading BLISTERS: A SATYRICAL TRAGEDY

The School’s Puppets Want to Turn Us into Harry Potter

Note: I’m not even going to try to be nice in this post. One weekday, last week, I sat at my designated table for formal breakfast, and was already having a relatively bad morning, when a monitor/prefect (I don’t remember who) said, “There is too much movement in the d-hall. Could everyone please take their… Continue reading The School’s Puppets Want to Turn Us into Harry Potter

The Girl Called Vanessa Who Needs Lexivism

You don’t know what lexivism is? Get up to speed, la! Lexivism: Activism/advocacy for the recognized significance of words, literature, or things related to them. Also, a general love for these things. (At least until I find a more eloquent and adequate way to define it.) Last week, the school received a visit from Akosombo… Continue reading The Girl Called Vanessa Who Needs Lexivism

My Thoughts: The Summer of Chasing Mermaids

Author: Sarah Ockler According to my research, this is Sarah Ockler’s latest book, and not necessarily her most popular. And even though I’d never heard of her before I randomly downloaded this (simply because I liked the cover and the title after seeing it on someone’s book blog), I am going to be extremely unfounded… Continue reading My Thoughts: The Summer of Chasing Mermaids