Here. For You.

Feel free to fall apart in my presence;
it is the haven and company that you require.
For too long,
you have been told to be silent and pray;
shunned towards a grace so seemingly beyond reach
by people who forget to reflect
the destination to which they direct.


If I too admit to brokenness,
there is no shame in breaking in my wake.
For it, I will regard you no less –
rather more, for your trust
and the strength to be weak.
Too often, you have been told:
Dam what you feel.
Yet, here, I permit you: overflow.


When your throat is choked,
my comfort is silence.
Be your speech incoherent,
I promise I will listen
and remind you that your voice
deserves a human ear in addition,
if ever you would accept my offer: to
Feel absolutely free
to fall apart in front of me.

3 thoughts on “Here. For You.

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