The Infallible Cannot Fall.

You fail so glamorously
it is almost worthy of emulation.
Pushed off the edge, you topple
into an apparently endless, elegant dive
that could have been pre-planned.
You hit the rocks
like a pillow, and sink, submerge wholly
as though your body is titanium made of feathers;
unbreakable both ways.
It is stunning:
I lose my breath,
watching you suffocate –
stars in your eyes blazing rainbows.
You are drowning upwards
in constellations.
The best part
is the rising action,
before the climax
when you cry before you fly.
Tears evaporate
and your steam propels
you, like a soaring rocket,
reaching heights only imaginable
by the minuscule mountains
that have tried,
time and time again
to murder you.
Your failure is flight.

One thought on “The Infallible Cannot Fall.

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