For Those Who Weep Upon Awakening

We must teach our congregations to quit delivering the sermon: “If you have nothing else to be grateful for, at least be grateful that you’re alive.” This alone presumes, perhaps ignorantly that all want to be; that we are the same. There are some, a minority never small enough to be negligible who have woken… Continue reading For Those Who Weep Upon Awakening

Unmerited Things

A while ago, I wrote about how academic institutions like to take credit for the achievements and abilities of their students, which have nothing to do with the institution itself. It’s all unmerited glory. Moving on from that, I think there isn’t anything that’s meant to be based on human achievement that I haven’t had… Continue reading Unmerited Things

What’s all this Anti-Indo something-something?

What is Anti-Indoctrination? An excuse for all of you who want to say "Eii, this girl likes big brɔfo papa!" Well, what it is, is a lexivist poem. As you know by now my life basically revolves around this thing - lexivism. Why did I give it such a long name? Well I'm supposed to… Continue reading What’s all this Anti-Indo something-something?