For Those Who Weep Upon Awakening

We must teach our congregations to quit delivering the sermon: “If you have nothing else to be grateful for, at least be grateful that you’re alive.” This alone presumes, perhaps ignorantly that all want to be; that we are the same. There are some, a minority never small enough to be negligible who have woken […]

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Unmerited Things

A while ago, I wrote about how academic institutions like to take credit for the achievements and abilities of their students, which have nothing to do with the institution itself. It’s all unmerited glory. Moving on from that, I think there isn’t anything that’s meant to be based on human achievement that I haven’t had […]

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Perfect Compatibility

At some point, I remember believing the strongest bonds were meant to last multiple moments in silence.   At some point, I began to believe the absolute comfort was one-sided, and one party was bored.   From a distance, I see them engaged in laughter and conversation and jealousy consequently lurks in my heart.   […]

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If I could live inside a series of photographs I would be there in a flash. They say it’s all just glamour and I believe from seeing the frames being shot before me; Stars in front of my eyes turned supernovas before the lens. So I know the truth, and it is uninteresting to me. […]

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My Thoughts: White Teeth

Author: Zadie Smith Question: Why is Zadie so freaking beautiful? It’s not even fair. And her whole aesthetic just makes me happy. So does her voice – which is way deeper than I had expected it to be. Okay. Anyway. The book. But before that, we need to talk about how much fun Salman Rushdie […]

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