People Don’t Read and It’s Very Annoying.

It is. Seriously. And to be honest, this title summarizes everything I want to say, but I like talking plenty so let me drag it out with examples.

One thing my father does that peeves me is ask me questions to which he should know the answers because I’ve texted or emailed them to him. Now I don’t know whether it’s an ADHD side effect of being in fast-paced corporate worlds, but certain people just don’t seem to have the ability to read something all the way through. (Did you have that English class in primary school that taught the difference between intensive and extensive reading? No? LOL well I just remembered mine and I’m surprised I do.) Well what they do instead of read intensively is skim – let their eyes pass over the words and hopefully they’ll get a general gist? Well listen: that’s not enough for me.

I could legit send:

“I have an appointment tomorrow at 8:00 o’clock. At the Conference Centre. We’ll have lunch there so I need 20 cedis. I’ll be back by 5.”

And all he’ll register is that I have an appointment. Even after I’ve texted all this and he has replied, when we meet, he will ask, “When is it? Where is it? What time does it end? Do you need money?” And I internally sigh, all the time.

Moving on…

Sometimes the comments on my blog, or responses to my tweets show evidence of un-reading. Someone will read a post and then come and argue with me over a point easily refutable by a quote already in the post; or raise a counter-argument I have already raised in the post, as if I never raised it; or I can get attacked on Twitter with an accusation easily countered by a specific word I used in a previous Tweet.

Why must I repeat myself?

Why must I repeat myself?


As I write this, my voice still no dey. And having to constantly explain why my voice no dey when my voice no dey no dey bee. (I love this sentence.) Which is partly why I wrote about and posted about it. On all my social networks.


There have been people who saw (and friggin “liked” so obviously they saw) my Instagram and WordPress posts, and people who read my WordPress post, who have still come up to me today to ask what happened to my lip and voice.

I’ve seen now that captions are useless and that there may be such a thing as wilful illiteracy. =)

In other news, I have discovered that people are horrible at lip-reading. I think everyone else is way more incapacitated by my muteness than I am. They just suffer, get impatient or agitated when they can’t hear you, even if you make yourself understood through other means. It makes me think about why society occasionally (read: often) fails to accommodate disadvantaged/disabled/handicapped people. By the way, do you ever think we’re overly reliant on certain senses more than others, and that this could be a major problem for society in the event of a dystopian disaster?

Wow. Look at me already formulating a sci-fi novel.

(And also it’s interesting that even with our visual over-dependence, our eyes still can’t function properly when it comes to eye-reliant things, like lip-reading.)


4 thoughts on “People Don’t Read and It’s Very Annoying.

  1. So true. Im guilty of this sometimes. The worst thing is the embarassment. Its so embarassing when it becomes obvious that you haven’t read.

    I guess impatience plays a major part tho.

    You see. In the last sentence I just showed a perfect symptom of the failingtoreadiosis disease.

    Suddenly felt like, huh, impatience. Seen it before. Then I scrolled up, and there it was.


  2. charlie! sometimes, it’s like,” damn! that’s quite lengthy, I think I’ve got the picture of the whole thing” and then ‘kpa’ I move on to the piece or thing…
    I’m so guilty, #TimeToChange too

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