Unmerited Things

A while ago, I wrote about how academic institutions like to take credit for the achievements and abilities of their students, which have nothing to do with the institution itself. It’s all unmerited glory.

Moving on from that, I think there isn’t anything that’s meant to be based on human achievement that I haven’t had a problem with. (Again, I have already written about typecasting.) It could be an award show – Oscars, Grammys, VGMAs, whatever. Something will irk me, and I’ll be upset. It could be a competition – public speaking, debate, poetry slam – I’ll get mad. A leadership prize – you don’t want me to go off about prefect selection processes. Book awards. Blog awards. Any awards. Terrible.

It is because of all this that I am trying to quench the outrage that desires to rise up in me wherever a merit situation like this arises. The world is not fair. Systems are not fair. I know this. So why do I keep reacting when this machine called the human race points it out to me time and time again? Even when you think beyond these situations, to the general allocation of resources, you can see that there are always people in the world who aren’t getting what they deserve/ are getting things they don’t deserve.

I’m generally tired of reacting to unmerited awards. Tired of being outraged at who won or lost SRC elections, who accepted/rejected whom from college, whether or not my favourite writer won a literary prize. Anyway, what’s the point in succeeding in a screwed-up system?

This reflection is all basically an attempt to completely unhinge my perception of the inherent quality of a person’s character or ability from his/her achievement of merit awards. Because it doesn’t make a lot of sense to link them in the first place. Merit awards don’t mean anything (to me anymore).

At the same time, if I join the throng of people who don’t react at all to the injustice of these things I have labelled merit awards, I have reduced the total opposing force in the world by one person (assuming all things remain equal). And not opposing might as well be encouraging this thing that I am against in my heart – for how is it going to stop? Is it right for me to have given up, by conceding to the idea that it’s never going to stop? And if indeed it isn’t, is that a legitimate reason not to fight?


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