Visions and Versions: The Evolution of Self

I make things like 10X deeper than anyone else. I know this. I’m melodramatic. Get used to it. I started blogging when I was fourteen years old. By that time, I’d had my first few months’ taste of depression and self-loathing. The blog was called “The Mind of Fourteen.” It was my first major employment… Continue reading Visions and Versions: The Evolution of Self

I made another word: “Loquivore”

And once again, I feel like its meaning is very obvious from its nature. Just like my previously-made words, it's a fusion. Lexivist (lexical activist), ecfiosexual (ecfio- Latin word associated with creation, and sexual), and now loquivore: loqui + vore. Definition: One who is partially dependent on intelligent conversation for stimulation. (Or something along those… Continue reading I made another word: “Loquivore”

Dark Heart & Mind #8 (Bonus Track: I Failed Mocks Et Cetera)

Dark Heart & Mind [This is a bonus track because it's not from between August-December 2015; it's far more recent - from March]: Releasing the hatred and depression of the last year, raw and beautiful. Don’t you dare tell me to edit or delete. Stifle me any more than I’ve stifled myself, and I’ll pronounce… Continue reading Dark Heart & Mind #8 (Bonus Track: I Failed Mocks Et Cetera)