Stockholm Solomania

You are

a conflicting, raging storm within me

causing my identity to form and tumble

before my eyes.


You never leave me;

My best friend through thick and thin,

a force field, shielding me

from multitudes nearly close enough

to permeate.


I want to be held

but you say no.

I want to be released

and you say go.

Yet freedom from captivity

ceases to be alluring

the moment the shackles

are unlocked.


Again you leave me

in a cycle of unresolution

so I fear

there are years

more of this to come.


Drag me downwards

into self-destruction

for I am unsure

how long I can endure

this soul-deep indecision.


You are lodged in my heart

in the deepest incision

but I do not want

you to be rid of me.



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