The Message of #IWITP

Note: IWITP (I Wasn’t In The Pictures) is my spoken word song. If you haven’t heard it, the link is at the bottom of this post. The technological age is really something else. Nearly everything has a digital form now. Online dating, cyberbullying, blogging, vlogging, photo-journalling, and whatnot. And so do the ways our problems […]

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Both Cheeks On Board

Note: I wrote this in like February 2015, when I had only just invented the term “lexivism“, and way before Dead By 27. Interesting fact: this is at the back of the same notebook as the first draft of Anti-Indoctrination is in the front of! I’m now posting it because I had a recent conversation with […]

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The Last Time I Had A Breakdown

The last time I had a breakdown, I was reckless and it caused someone anger nearly as intense as my anxiety. The time before that, I confided. and the one before that, I confided But the one before that, I was reckless and it caused someone anger that calmed my anxiety and destroyed my reputation simultaneously. […]

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Akotowaa’s Guide to Dropping Out

Unfortunately, I’ve never dropped out before – so my advice on this topic is obviously very credible and 100% legitimate. Listening to “experts on these issues” is overrated anyway. Yes, there are some who believe although I have never dropped out of school yet, there’s still a chance of it happening. I like these people. […]

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This Is The Thing You Romanticize.

The poet, he was afraid to call himself a poet, wondering if his words qualified and if practicing the craft was enough.   The internet, it spoke of inner demons countless, tortured artists abundant, and pain like it was art’s only fuel.   The poetess, she told me there was nothing to be glorified for those characteristics that […]

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