If you follow VI Music, you probably know Tronomie. Like, even if you don’t know who he is, you know him. He has a number of recognizable identifiers, but the subtlest one is that he has been on nearly every VI song. Mostly as a backing vocalist or as a partial producer and arranger. Remember the male voice in the background of Adomaa’s Traffic Jam? Can you hear the backing vocals of Robin-Huws’ A Fading Dream? He’s even in the band FRA’s Dumsor. And of course, the very famous “Oh OH!” shouts in my own song, IWITP. (He also made the beat – with an instrument I had never previously heard of, called the cajon – for IWITP.)

As it stands now, the greatest dose anyone has probably had of Tronomie’s singing voice is from the Gospel group, Crossfire, started a few years back, and seemingly dormant for a while. (But hopefully not for much longer.)

However, if like the stereotypical adult, your most relevant identifiers are not accomplishments but rather genealogy, then you might be interested to know that he is in fact Adomaa’s (yes, the Butterfly) brother; a part of the Adjeman family. I legit have his name saved on my phone as Tronomie Adjeman.

For some reason I cannot fathom though, most people choose to call him Joshua. They claim some strange nonsense about what is actually on his birth certificate or something. What is a birth certificate or passport, even? Who needs a birth name when Akotowaa is there to nickname you when you are newly in your twenties? 🙂

This is my favourite (and also least favourite) part: How Joshua became Tronomie. Well, you see, when Tronomie and I first met, as I had just joined the VI family, he gave me an absurd nickname which I refuse to disclose, which rapidly spread throughout VI – so now they basically all call me that. And it sucks. So I decided that as payback, I’d give this boy a nickname just as absurd. There weren’t many ways I could think of to play with the name Joshua itself. So I moved to the literal next best thing: the book right beside Joshua. (Judges would never have worked.) So Deuteronomy it had to be! Branding expert that I am, shortening and stylizing it was never a problem. And it’s great that it’s such a unique name, because no one else seems to be insane enough to go around calling themselves “Tronomie”! =D


If I had to describe Tronomie in two words, I’d choose “quiet beast”. It is not that he is necessarily quiet, but more like he is quiet about how much of a beast he is. It’s like he’s not comfortable accepting that he’s mad, crazy talented. Hence my self-appointed role of hype-girl.

Tronomie is here to shatter standards in the name of Jesus. If anything, he knows his focus, direction, goal, mission – whatever you want to call it. From him, don’t expect what you would usually expect from any ordinary Ghanaian Christian who makes music; expect more.

And the first thing you get from him is his debut, Breaking Bars!

Listen here:



7 thoughts on “Introducing…Tronomie!

  1. Ei.
    Promo paa nie.
    Stratospheric hypegirlry.
    That said, captures my excitement too.
    Tell Jo…sorry, Tronomie that henceforth I’m calling him ‘Tron’.

    … and that I’ll forgive him for ‘White Christmas’ if Breaking Bars is as dope as I think it’ll be.

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