My Thoughts: The Selection Trilogy

Author: Kiera Cass I usually have a strategic way of switching around books on my “to read next” list. And I operate mostly on suggestions. But one day, I decided I wasn’t in the mood for any of the books on my very, very long “to read next” list. (As unlikely as this is, it… Continue reading My Thoughts: The Selection Trilogy

To Her (And I’m the “Her”!)

You know when you feel like you're doing actual work in the world? Like actually making a difference? For me that doesn't happen often, but somehow, someway, this summer, it did. And I freaking freaked out. In April, I released a spoken word video called Anti-Indoctrination. It's "lexivist" - encompassing my lexical activism, encouraging anyone… Continue reading To Her (And I’m the “Her”!)

MISEDUCATION : “National History”

I am (and you are) going to love this series.


September 9


Today we learnt about the Yaa Asantewaa War. I liked the story very much. Yaa Asantewaa kind of reminds me of my sister. I nearly said that out loud at dinner earlier, but I hit my mouth. And thank Jesus I did – Papa would have been furious. Just like Teacher was when Esaaba raised her hand to say that women were stronger than men. I had thought it was obvious, but Teacher became so angry and said unkind things. Well I thought they were unkind, maybe even untrue.

He said that women could never be stronger than men, and then proceeded to demonstrate with us and to us. First, he asked all the girls in the class to stand. Then he told all the boys to look at the girls, and weren’t they weak even standing there? Then he asked all the boys to stand and…

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People like us have managed to convince ourselves that we were meant to be alone. We have isolated ourselves from the rest of humanity, believing that there is no one else like us. We consider isolation some perverse way of protecting ourselves. Avoiding asking “what are we trying to shield ourselves from?” The paradox of… Continue reading Solomania

Keep Pumping Debris Into That Vacuum

Just about last week, I had one of those inferiority complex-triggered meltdowns. The kind where I convince myself that everything I have ever written is trash, and tell myself that I should never write again. The trigger for this meltdown was silly, as my meltdown triggers do tend to be. I had been browsing, and… Continue reading Keep Pumping Debris Into That Vacuum