Playlists I’ve Been Featured On

To be very honest, I am amazed and humbled to even have a post like this to write!

Just in case you didn’t know (I make myself extremely stalk-worthy but perhaps by some mysterious magic, you missed it), I dropped a spoken word song called IWITP in June. And since then it’s featured on at least 3 mixes I want to share particularly because the other things it is surrounded by are fantastic.

  1. Kpodola’s Alpha playlist


If you love Ghanaian spoken word and are looking for a hub where you can find a concentration of content, Kpodola is where to go. You can follow them on Instagram, Twitter, and like them on Facebook.

The Alpha playlist is a mix of spoken word that Kpodola believes deserves to be heard. Of course, it is nothing close to exhaustive of the good stuff out there, but first of all, I believe this is the first of many to come, and secondly, you might find some more stuff you like from related tracks and such. I am proud and humbled (paradox?) to have IWITP represented on this playlist.

Here’s the link to The Alpha PlaylistThe Alpha Playlist

2. Unorthodox Reviews’ Holophonic Vol. 1 playlist

Even I have discovered people I didn’t know through this playlist. And as a lexivist, I must commend them for their interesting choice/coinage of name for this playlist. It sounds cool. Kudos!

I don’t know what it means that IWITP is the first song on the list, but I choose to be honoured by it. 🙂

Here’s the link to the Holophonic playlist: Holophonic Vol 1


3. Kobby Graham’s What I’m Feeling

I don’t know whether this counts as a playlist per se. It’s a compilation of songs my superhero, KOBBY GRAHAM, is vibing to right now. Dear Mr Graham, I am ABSOLUTELY HONOURED to be your adopted baby cousin! I’ve been declaring it proudly to anyone who would listen since I read it. THANK YOU!

Here’s the link to his post: What I’m Feeling.


Okay, that’s it. 🙂 Now go and enjoy good sounds. Thanks, bye.




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