My Relationship With Solitude: Stockholm Solomania

It’s been a long time since I wrote about me, in an attempt to explain, reveal, or understand myself, my thoughts and my behavior. But the introspection disease has hit again. I can’t tell whether I am writing these explanations in order to understand myself, or so that others will understand me. I don’t know… Continue reading My Relationship With Solitude: Stockholm Solomania

The Spiritual Journey of Gallant (@SoGallant)

Disclaimer: Anything I say as part of my interpretations could possibly be partially to entirely wrong. As I write this, I must admit I have known of Gallant, the RnB singer, for just about a month or so (note: I wrote this way earlier than I am posting this). But I haven’t fully fallen into… Continue reading The Spiritual Journey of Gallant (@SoGallant)

The Nature of the Poet?

Before you read this poem, I think you should read Czeslaw Milosz' Ars Poetica?, given that I drew inspiration directly from it and consciously mirrored its format to minor details. His Ars Poetica? with its significant question mark was a deliberation on (literally translated) the art or nature of poetry. I decided to write a counterpart, also… Continue reading The Nature of the Poet?

My Thoughts: All the Bright Places

Author: Jennifer Niven After finishing this book, I am distraught. And highly upset. My review could end here. But it won’t. Wow, what a beautiful book. What beautiful writing. Maybe I am biased because I am an absolute sucker for American YA fiction but I don’t care. I have met yet another character, by name… Continue reading My Thoughts: All the Bright Places

The Sensitive Issue of Follow Backs, and Social Media Credibility

People don’t like me. Because I don’t want to follow them back. It only gets funny when they unfollow me. Because I didn’t follow them back. Not because they no longer like my content being on their timelines for the sake of the content itself. Social media and I are not friends anymore. Especially Twitter.… Continue reading The Sensitive Issue of Follow Backs, and Social Media Credibility