The Nature of the Poet?

Before you read this poem, I think you should read Czeslaw Milosz’ Ars Poetica?, given that I drew inspiration directly from it and consciously mirrored its format to minor details. His Ars Poetica? with its significant question mark was a deliberation on (literally translated) the art or nature of poetry. I decided to write a counterpart, also […]

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My Thoughts: All the Bright Places

Author: Jennifer Niven After finishing this book, I am distraught. And highly upset. My review could end here. But it won’t. Wow, what a beautiful book. What beautiful writing. Maybe I am biased because I am an absolute sucker for American YA fiction but I don’t care. I have met yet another character, by name […]

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Evacuation OA

I am not an exciting person. But perhaps exciting things happen to me. Or around me. Which is great, because I can write about them. As part of its first year orientation program, Pomona College organizes these trips – more often than not, camping trips – divides the freshmen into various groups of their choice […]

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Soliloquy With The Concrete

​A mural of elaborate scribbles on a concrete wall Knees scraped from the gravel on the ground Black chalk grinds on white, scratching marks In the light of a blood moon, in an empty alley. A heavy heart soliloquizes with the concrete And when the sun finally rises, soon The wall will tell stories to […]

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