Reflections After My First Semester

One of my least favorite questions is “How was/is school?” But I do have some thoughts on what I’ve experienced this semester in college and so I decided to pen these down and share, as popular/unpopular as that might make me. I’m not going to try summing up in everything in a word or phrase,… Continue reading Reflections After My First Semester

My Thoughts: Under the Udala Trees

Author: Chinelo Okparanta I first came across this book when looking for another one in the library, and behold: they were right next to each other! (The book I had been looking for was Nnedi Okorafor’s Who Fears Death which was brilliant, by the way). And as you may or may not know, purple is… Continue reading My Thoughts: Under the Udala Trees

Your Journey Is No One Else’s. Face Forward.

You feel you are prone to losing your way. You are only confused because your eyes are too used to drifting. You will trip if you keep this up. You are a coherent unit. How will your feet know where to go without your eyes' guidance? Face forward. No matter how many people are around you, remember… Continue reading Your Journey Is No One Else’s. Face Forward.

Solitaire was a huge experiment…but apparently, it worked

[Hi – please, if you haven’t listened to Solitaire, my debut spoken word project, please go and do that and come back. Thanks.] I was madly nervous during the listening session. This was 2 weeks before Solitaire was due to drop. I had invited some of the coolest people in Accra that I knew and… Continue reading Solitaire was a huge experiment…but apparently, it worked

Onyesonwu made me very happy!

Even though it doesn’t feel like it for me, I can see quantitatively that I’ve read a lot in 2016. There have been years of more intense reading, I’ve felt. But despite all the books I’ve read, there have only been a few that really energized me, made me think “Yes, this is what I’ve… Continue reading Onyesonwu made me very happy!

Where did Solitaire even come from?

Solitaire is a French word. It means "lonely"/"alone"/"isolated". Solitaire is a computer game, designed to be played alone. I sat in math class almost 2 years ago, and as usual, every single thing was flying over my head. I opened my notebook and saw parabolic graphs I didn't understand. I would rather have been anywhere… Continue reading Where did Solitaire even come from?