Can You See God?

It was late, near midnight, and I was in the library, trying to finish a paper whose deadline (midnight) I wouldn’t meet anyway, and overdosed on coffee to the point of mentally hyperactive discomfort. The paper I was writing was far less exciting for me than the project of passion that I was working on… Continue reading Can You See God?

2016 to 2017: Semi-Scattered Reflections & Projections

At some point, it is impossible to deny that change has come to your life, because things that are impossible to ignore suddenly become consistent occurrences where you couldn’t have even fathomed they’d be before. For me, that change came through Vision Inspired Music, especially in 2016, when I became particularly active both within the… Continue reading 2016 to 2017: Semi-Scattered Reflections & Projections

Excellent, 2017

I’m surprised I haven’t seen as many new year resolution blog posts this year. Are we just tired of declaring things for ourselves that we can’t stick to? Anyway, that’s besides the point. What’s interesting though, is that more than defined goals, at least 3 people I follow have more of central themes than anything… Continue reading Excellent, 2017

Why I Won’t Bloody Let You Say “Good Morning” at 2am.

I’m coming to rant about something that’s actually important for a change, so you better pay attention. This is a very important discussion you need to be having with your deluded friends and family members. I’ve said it several times and I’ll say it again: 2am is not morning. Do not say good morning to… Continue reading Why I Won’t Bloody Let You Say “Good Morning” at 2am.

When Your Male Best Friend Becomes Someone Else’s Boyfriend

Author's note: I experienced an overwhelming desire to go and look for this thing that I wrote in my journal at the beginning of 2015 (I can't believe that was two years ago!), due to sentiments I experienced today that reminded me of the sentiments I had while I wrote it. In fact, the subject… Continue reading When Your Male Best Friend Becomes Someone Else’s Boyfriend