When She Speaks Your Life

I wake up some days with unwanted particles of the sense of inadequacy sticking to my skin like the residue of dreams I never invited into my mind, and I want to flick them off, but they cling stubbornly like they are coated with adhesive. This is one of those days. Sunday, 19th February 2017.… Continue reading When She Speaks Your Life

Interview with Akotowaa

It just occurred to me that I can reblog this. So I shall!


Spoken word is a growing art-form in Sub-Saharan Africa, over the past few years the number of artists involved keeps growing at a high rate. There isn’t a week that passes without a show with spoken word artists on the bill. We can say people truly relate to spoken word since it relies heavily on content; whether political, religious, economical or those which plainly cause introspection to the listener. 

Akotowaa of Vision Inspired Music is one of the top artists in this field, recently releasing her debut, “Solitaire EP” which has received favourable reviews from critics as well as her listeners. The project has been played a little over 12k (twelve thousand) times, which is an incredible feat. Currently “I.W.I.T.P.” (which is an acronym for I Wasn’t In The Pictures) appears to be a fan-favorite, it has accumulated 5k plays which is more than any track on the…

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LOL so this liberal arts distin actually works eh?

If you know Akotowaa, like know me proper, it is no surprise that my anti-formal-education stance has been a huge part of my life and informed my worldview for literally years. I have been tired of formal education and its restrictions for a long time. I have watched several videos, including Prince EA’s spoken word… Continue reading LOL so this liberal arts distin actually works eh?

About My Not-Quite-Ex (A LONG short story)

Yo. So. The last story I wrote was Institutionalized Addicts, back in March 2016. That's right; it's been almost a whole YEAR. But, as I've declared 2017 my writing-intensive year, we should be seeing more short stories, hopefully. If you've read any of my short stories before, please clear all expectations of what you expect this one… Continue reading About My Not-Quite-Ex (A LONG short story)

Breaking Bars Broken Down

As a lexivist, I choose not to be apologetic about being more concerned with (read: borderline obsessed with) the meaning and words in songs more than anything else about them. Usually. There are certainly exceptions. However, most often, the lyrics are what define excellence for me, and from what I’ve seen, in this regard, I… Continue reading Breaking Bars Broken Down