Interview with Akotowaa

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Spoken word is a growing art-form in Sub-Saharan Africa, over the past few years the number of artists involved keeps growing at a high rate. There isn’t a week that passes without a show with spoken word artists on the bill. We can say people truly relate to spoken word since it relies heavily on content; whether political, religious, economical or those which plainly cause introspection to the listener. 

Akotowaa of Vision Inspired Music is one of the top artists in this field, recently releasing her debut, “Solitaire EP” which has received favourable reviews from critics as well as her listeners. The project has been played a little over 12k (twelve thousand) times, which is an incredible feat. Currently “I.W.I.T.P.” (which is an acronym for I Wasn’t In The Pictures) appears to be a fan-favorite, it has accumulated 5k plays which is more than any track on the…

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