A Few Important Reminders

One day, I will offend you. It may be intentional, unintentional, partly intentional, or perhaps something I do will disappoint you, especially if you have admired me for so long, especially if you have done so from afar. In fact, that day may have come for you already, or it may be today. I may… Continue reading A Few Important Reminders

About That Time I Taught A #Lexivism Class (OMG?!)

About a month ago (as you can see, I have fantastic time-keeping blogging habits) most people who take interest in my life saw my Snapchat and Instagram stories about me teaching a class on "lexivism," a term I completely made up, which is virtually unknown outside of this blog and my personal social media accounts.… Continue reading About That Time I Taught A #Lexivism Class (OMG?!)