Kuukua and the Magical Markers

My new story is available for download as a PDF! Just click this Dropbox link: Kuukua and the Magical Markers. (Update: here’s the direct PDF: Kuukua and the Magical Markers) I’m posting only the first few pages of the story here because I want you to download it. Thanks. The first thing I do when I […]

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Life Goals and Growing Old

Here we go, the obligatory birthday post. Time to unleash my time anxieties on the world in a timely manner and such. I’m only 19 years old, which I think is way too young to already be dreading birthdays but…oops, look where we are. Yes, birthdays already give me anxiety. They have since my fifteenth. […]

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She Still Wants To Live

I sat in the psychiatrist’s office for maybe the fourth or fifth time, as mad at myself as I ever was for letting myself get this deep into the darkness all over again. This was a weekly appointment, and I had been coning for a month or longer – and so it had been six […]

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