Kuukua and the Magical Markers

(Update: individual OTC stories are no longer available, but you can download them all in a single PDF collection on my OTC site.) The first thing I do when I enter a room is try to figure out what the best way to get onto the ceiling is. It’s an automatic, reflexive thing; I walk into… Continue reading Kuukua and the Magical Markers

My Newest Fiction Will Be On The Ceiling

Hi! For those who don't know, I recently decided to become a spider. (For more information, read my About page.) And accompanying my recent metamorphosis is the launching of a new fictional character, Kuukua, who gets her own fiction series, On the Ceiling. And now I have a "pilot episode," a story called Kuukua and the Magical… Continue reading My Newest Fiction Will Be On The Ceiling

Americanah Has Levels of Relatability

I did say, in Reflections After My First Semester, that I would re-read this book. And I've ky33, but I finally have. Americanah is probably one of the heaviest, most condensed books I have ever read. And I am not, in my opinion, hero-worshipping Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, though I certainly have a stupendous amount of admiration… Continue reading Americanah Has Levels of Relatability

The Initial Illusion of Being in the Pictures

It is a lot easier to feel a sense of belonging in the pictures when one barely knows anyone they are taking the pictures with. https://soundcloud.com/akotowaa/iwitp So it happens, you allow yourself to be carried along with the wave of excitement – an uncertain amount of which is genuine – and you wordlessly acquiesce to… Continue reading The Initial Illusion of Being in the Pictures