Do Not Let Them Kill You.

Come in with your fire

born from and for passion

And when they come to you,

tall, erect and casting a shadow,

be still

under them, and compress

your soul into your eyes.

Open them wide and stare

until it haunts them,

the hired hands who took pleasure

and stripped it of meaning,

who tampered with a gift of desire

and made it rigid methodology.

But with all the essence in your glare,

say: I will not let you kill me.

I will thrive outside of you.

I will thrive when you are outside of me.

You were never truly inside me.

And watch it make their egos crumble

how you passed through them unchanged;

how they left you untouched, undented.

Go out with the same fire

they could neither,

despite their greatest efforts,

kindle nor seize.


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