Kuukua and the Haunted Hair

Hello, and welcome to the third installment of my On the Ceiling series! (Update: individual OTC stories are no longer available, but you can download them all in a single PDF collection on my OTC site.) [Slightly related: two rather old blog posts that have a similar theme to this fictional tale: Why Some Ghanaian Kids… Continue reading Kuukua and the Haunted Hair

Ei, another Kuukua story again? (and another thing)

Yes, another Kuukua story again. Here's the plan: to have an 8-part series, with one story released at the end of each month. Since I began in May, the last story should come out at the end of December. This series, by the way, is called On the Ceiling. I call it OTC for short.… Continue reading Ei, another Kuukua story again? (and another thing)

An Ephemeron Story (and I’m the bad guy, BTW)

I’ve had periods in my life where the ugly in me has really shown. This was one of my ugliest. This story in particular has been sitting on my heart for a while, and I do this thing where I talk transparently to random people on the internet through blog posts. SMH. Cognitive dissonance: the… Continue reading An Ephemeron Story (and I’m the bad guy, BTW)