The Progression of Friendship

  • In the pits of your own sadness, a friend will become necessary.
  • In that moment, whoever is most available will turn into the person who is most appropriate.
  • This person will become the immediate recipient of your textual and vocal complaints, the one to whom you lament at the occurrence of every bit of misfortune.
  • Your friend’s necessity will rest upon your loneliness, despair and grief, your selfish need, and your own desire to be heard in a world that seems averse to listening.
  • But at some point, the situation causing you torment will end. Then, what do you do with your friend?
  • Your friend, now no longer merely a page in your diary that can speak back through sympathetic emoji, will suddenly become a realer human being to you, with its own emotions, preferences and opinions.
  • You will find that your friend too has things to say in response to what you have said, and things entirely apart from anything you could have said; a unique, fascinating personality that you had been too self-centered to appreciate for so long.
  • You will find that you like your friend, a lot more than most human beings.
  • Now that your life has changed, this person is the first with whom you share good news.
  • You will discover, in surprised delight, that your friend is no longer simply the person who helps carry your sorrow when it gets too heavy for just you, but is now the person without whom if joy is not shared, it does not feel complete.
  • And during relapses, when you’re not sure why you do life, or if you even want to anymore, you won’t stop living, because your friend will become your “because.”


6 thoughts on “The Progression of Friendship

  1. trying to understand how that feels coz I’ve never really had a “friend”. It’s still a beautiful piece, Ivana 🙌

  2. A wise man once said:

    “I have two chairs in my house – one for myself, and one for a friend when I find one.”

    A tad cynical, right? This wise man doesn’t seem to be a happy camper. 🙂

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