Beware of Egoists

Egoists, when they argue, are less concerned with the validity of their point than with their pride. They are less concerned with if they are right than if they lose, or if they feel disrespected during the argument.

The egoist must feel special, individual, separate from the mass – even if that mass is the group of people on the side he is arguing for.

Beware of egoists, because egoists expect you to be egoistic too. If, for example, you are arguing for a cause, and the egoists thinks the kind of people who identify with this cause are unintelligent, danger will arise when you show intelligence in your argument. The egoists will praise you for being “different” from the rest and expect you to glow, be honored that you have been set apart, especially by them. This is an appeal to your ego. Resist it.

Whatever you are arguing for, if it is bigger than you, it is not about you. Do not let the egoist make you carried away, drowning in your own pride. Set your eyes on the target. Life, the world, God, is bigger than you.


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