Akotz’ Summer Highlights 2017

I should be more intentional about documenting my life through photographs. I always say I’ll try but then I don’t know what happens. 😦

The summer of 2017 has been nowhere near as lit as it was last year. This summer, I did not get to go to Ghana, which is very sad, but also not that sad, since Tronomie wouldn’t have been there anyway. (This is perhaps the only reason I didn’t argue with my parents and adamantly insist on returning, to be honest.) But highlights deserve to be celebrated anyway. (Although there will be lowlights, published tomorrow, in what will be a far more interesting blog post. I think.)

I got to be in a hot air balloon for the first time!

It was kind of like a birthday treat trip, in Orange County. It was very brief, but I do enjoy feeling on top of the world.

I got to see tide pools at Laguna Beach!

Beaches are my favorite place to be, most times. I have a fantasy of eventually living in a beach house, although goodness knows I’ll probably never be rich enough to afford one. And even if I am rich enough to afford one, who’s to say that I won’t want to spend my money on what I think are more relevant things? Sigh. (I swear I took some seriously sexy photos at the beach, ALL OF WHICH HAVE DISAPPEARED! All that’s left are these nonsense photos.)

I got to see Propaganda in person and attend his listening party in Los Angeles!

And you’d think I’d take a picture of one of my favorite lyricists in the world (and I did, but it was a Snap/Instagram story thing, and I didn’t save it because I’m an idiot) but me dix. Anyway. I’ve been addicted to Crooked ever since. Y’all don’t know how much I love, love, love Propaganda and his art.


I went to my first Busboys and Poets in Washington DC with my cousin, who performed!

And once again, I thought I had a really lit picture of the stage, but it turns out, I don’t. It’s just disappeared from my phone. Which is great. Anyway, Busboys and Poets is a historically famous name in America’s poetry scene. And it was fun to be there for the first time, so shout-out to John for taking me! (Also, follow him on Instagram. #shamelessplug #wedothesethingsforfamily.)

John, during his performance


Rhetoric 2017! (OMG?!)

Yo. Never had I ever been so happy to be living in California (as opposed to Ghana, or any other American state) because I finally got to attend the biggest spoken word event in the United States, the biggest spoken word event I have ever been to in my life, the annual event whose YouTube videos gave me so much vim for becoming a spoken word artist in the first place! Sigh. So cool. And some deep spiritual things were said, y’all. I can’t wait for them to start releasing the videos of the performances on YouTube.


Spider-Man: Homecoming!

So the love of my life (in case you didn’t know, Spider-Man is the love of my life) got another movie, and it was PERFECT. I rate it a 10/10, don’t @ me! Casting, scripting, directing, bibiara. And SHOUT-OUT TO ABRAHAM ATTAH FOR KILLING THAT SUPPORTING ROLE! If anyone asks you what Akotowaa’s favorite movie is, tell them it’s this one.


On the Ceiling.

I started a short story distin. And I like it. If you ain’t with it yet, get hip.

C. S. Lewis’ Signature Classics. 🙂

I bought the collection off Amazon, almost on impulse. I’ve enjoyed reading it so much. C. S. Lewis holds me in awe with his wisdom and imagination! I’ve reformed my mind more with the books I’ve read so far than just about every other collection of books I’ve ever read, and goodness knows I’m going to have to be returning to all of them several times. It was a nearly reckless purchase, but I’m glad I did it.



I was put on what is now my favorite band, by another cousin (shout-out to Nana Lokko) and their sound is perfect for me. It’s very bebree, bordering on noisy but not quite. I love their arrangements. I love their lyrics. I love their graphics. I love their sound effects. I love their brand. Can AJR marry me please? Sigh. They make me Weak.


All this being said, next summer better be for-real-for-real lit because I’ve been bored way too much these past few months. God, make it happen, please!


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