Don’t Give Your Characters Birthmarks. And, announcing the next story.

LOL. I’m stressed.

This is probably something that I should keep quiet because if you haven’t noticed, you don’t need to know… But this is becoming really funny.

Editing. Really. Dey. Hia.

Yet, it’s hard to spot the kinds of mistakes you aren’t looking for. You’re classically looking for typos, grammatical errors, text alignment and the like. You’re not looking for birthmarks. But birthmarks may very well be the death of you.

I know for a fact that Kuukua’s birthmark is on top of her left eyebrow. Even the cover illustration says so. Yet, somehow, in Kuukua and the Magical Markers, I managed to publish that it was on top of the right. WTF. In the second story, I made no mention of the birthmark, because it was irrelevant to the story. And only when I was editing the third story did I realize that the cover of the second did not have a birthmark in the first place. Where did it go? WTF, Photoshop?! And then in the third, I brought the birthmark back to the illustration and back to the story…on the left, where it’s supposed to be. While readers of book 1 were expecting it on the right. I’ve stressed myself all the way out, y’all.

Anyway. To supplement my brief lamentation, here’s a link to a list of visual mistakes the makers of the Harry Potter movies didn’t seem to be able to address before the movies came out. It made me feel better about myself: Top 15 biggest Harry Potter film mistakes.

The moral of the whole distin is: don’t give your characters birthmarks.

Aaaaanyway, here’s the cover and blurb of OTC #4! Monday, right here on this blog. 🙂



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