Kuukua and the Cavorting Cups

I like the beginning of this story particularly because it's a foreshadowing of other things I plan to do with the whole On the Ceiling project. It's (hopefully) more than just an 8-part short story series, although it's that too. For this reason, I'm going to post a longer "sneak-peak" excerpt than I usually do.… Continue reading Kuukua and the Cavorting Cups

And she’s back for the second half!

Making it past halfway of any project these days is a milestone - especially for me, with my artistic commitment issues and the tragic tendencies of vim to die. But we still in this thing! And OTC #5 will be ready for download on Friday, 29th September. 🙂 Making it more than halfway is as… Continue reading And she’s back for the second half!

My Thoughts: Lagoon

Author: Nnedi Okorafor. I recently decided that Nnedi Okorafor is currently my favorite fiction author. Last year, right after I read Who Fears Death, I think I declared it my new favorite novel, and for sure, Onyesonwu (the main character of Who Fears Death) is my favorite fictional character at the moment, so it’s like… Continue reading My Thoughts: Lagoon

It’s Made in Ghana, and It’s Lit!

Hello there! I have GREAT NEWS. My friends have published a book! A real, actual, physical book, can you believe it? I'm so proud of Rodney Assan and Fui Can-Tamakloe! Made in Ghana is an anthology of short stories of Ghana, by Ghanaians, for Ghanaians - and whomever else. Oh... and did I mention I wrote… Continue reading It’s Made in Ghana, and It’s Lit!

Dear Upcoming Creator/Artist

Dear Upcoming Creator/Artist, I hope you find your target audience, and I hope you realize early enough who your target audience is even composed of. Some of us are fortunate enough to start our creative endeavors from a community we have long since been entrenched in. However, some of us have not. Some of us… Continue reading Dear Upcoming Creator/Artist