It’s Made in Ghana, and It’s Lit!

Hello there!


My friends have published a book! A real, actual, physical book, can you believe it? I’m so proud of Rodney Assan and Fui Can-TamakloeMade in Ghana is an anthology of short stories of Ghana, by Ghanaians, for Ghanaians – and whomever else.

Oh… and did I mention I wrote a foreword for it? (I don’t care what you think, I’m a published author now, because I have two paragraphs in someone else’s book ayyyyy!)

I’m just here to tell you to get the book! If you’re in Accra, it’s physically available at Vidya Bookstore, Osu. It’s also available online for purchase at I assume you can also contact the boys individually to get a copy if you want to.


So yeah, man. Get it, consume it, read it, drink it, love it, buy one for your bestie, your mother, your girlfriend, your grandpa, your schoolteacher, your pastor and anyone else you can think of, let’s goooo!


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