Kuukua and the Difficult Doors

The first five stories of the On the Ceiling series are here. And without further ado, the hyperlink for #6: Kuukua and the Difficult Doors. (Note: When this was first posted, the attached PDF didn’t have italics where italics were designed to be. This has since been corrected and the document has been re-uploaded.) Sneak peek? Kuukua […]

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College Libraries.

I often think of knowledge as Rapunzel, of college as the impenetrable tower, and of myself as the lovestruck outsider, begging her to let down her spines. Each time I meet the Board of Wizards that keep her in captivity, They tell me that she must be fiercely guarded Then, that they believe strongly in […]

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My Thoughts: Behold the Dreamers

I didn’t particularly want to read this book. I wouldn’t have gone looking for it myself, but my auntie gave it to me for free, and rarely will I refuse a free book. Before she’d given it to me, though, she’d warned me that it wasn’t as good as Americanah. I became apprehensive at that […]

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